Choosing the right hockey equipment

Whether you are a beginner or more experienced, choosing your
hockey equipment is a fundamental step in your practice.

And even if it is often said that the equipment does not make the
player, a protection that is not adapted to your morphology could really
diminish your pleasure of play.

So, when it comes to opening your wallet to buy your first complete
set of equipment, or simply replacing your gloves with holes in them, you might
as well do it the right way!

What equipment to buy?

Unlike running or swimming, hockey is one of those sports where
there is a lot of equipment to buy.


The stick / the stick

Please note: in Quebec, the term “baton” is used instead.

A helmet, usually associated with a grille or visor

Shoulder pads (or bib)

Elbow pads

A pair of gloves

A panty

A shell, to protect your private parts!


A jersey (or sweater)

Socks (long socks that cover the leggings)

Shop at your local dealer or simply order online via the used websites to save money.

We agree, it is on the Internet that you will most often find the
best prices to buy your equipment.

Choosing the right equipment for your level

It may sound silly, but choosing the right equipment for your level
is very important. Indeed, even if you can afford it, it is not advisable to
buy top-of-the-range equipment for your first equipment, but opt for
second-hand equipment instead. Just as a young driver wouldn’t know how to get
the most out of a Ferrari, a beginner player would lack the training to handle
the latest Bauer or Easton sticks properly.

Worse, by buying new, top-of-the-line equipment from the start,
you’ll get used to a certain level of performance, comfort and lightness. When
it comes time to renew your equipment, you won’t be able to go back down the
line and will be forced to stay within the same price range.